Surprise Pin Blind Box - Cute or Goth Style Pin Surprise Gift Box

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Surprise Pin Blind Box

Select your style: Cute or Goth

Receive two surprise, randomly selected pins within the style chosen.

The pins come in a small gift box.  The pins are wrapped in tissue for an extra layer of surprise.

These blind boxes are a great deal and a nice gift for yourself or your friends.

** The pins in the pictures are just representative of the type of pins you may receive, they are not necessarily the pins you will get.  But you might, it’s a surprise, you never know ;)

Pins come with rubber backings.

**Please Note

Rubber backs are used to safely ship your pin. They are not recommended for pin wearing. It is recommended that you purchase butterfly or locking pin backs for more secure wearing.

Original artwork by Baublesaurus ©

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